MedPoint Partners is a full-service Search and Staffing firm specializing in the placement of top tier Healthcare Financial professionals on a temporary, temp-to-hire, and a direct-hire basis.

We are always looking for qualified people to join our team. However, it takes a very special person to be a Financial recruiter. We look for the following characteristics:

Passion :: You must possess a burning desire to be successful or else you will not enjoy it.

Sales ability :: To us sales is listening to what the client or candidate’s needs are and being able to deliver a solution to help them. Sales is also about cultivating relationships through networking, providing excellent customer service and leveraging referrals. Sales is not being aggressive and pushy.

Multi-tasking ability :: You must have the ability to multi-task. This is a time sensitive that is very fast paced and you will be juggling many different tasks at the same time. We find that excellent recruiters have the ability to keep many balls in the air at all times.

Extraverted :: You must enjoy people because you will be interfacing with clients and candidates on a daily basis.

Self confidence :: Having confidence in your self and your abilities. Confidence is achieved through repeated success. Success is achieved by knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them. Strength comes from being prepared, having an intimate knowledge of the Financial field and keeping up to date on what is happening in the Financial community.

Recruiting is broken down into a few different areas. Candidate recruiting and interviewing, sales and servicing clients, and matching qualified candidates to the appropriate job orders in a timely manner.

A recruiter interviews everyone they represent. In this interview the recruiter will listen to the candidate and get an understanding of their short term and long term goals. The recruiter will also get an idea of the candidate’s intellect, skills and personality. At The Staff Financial Group We feel that the personality match between our clients and candidates, is just as important at the technical match. We think that there must be a “win-win” relationship for both the clients and the candidates on a technical and a personal level. If there is not a match then the relationship will never last.

We believe you must always keep sales ahead of recruiting. Sales or client development is achieved through cultivating excellent relationships, and delivering superb quality and service at an excellent value. Our internal systems lend themselves to the delivery of a quality product. All our successful sales people have to do is convey this to our clients. We find that many of our clients are former candidates that were very pleased with the way they were treated. At MedPoint Partners Our former candidates make the best clients.

This is the most rewarding and most difficult part of the job. Being able to match a qualified candidate with a client is a skill that requires an intimate knowledge of both your candidates and clients. Once you start to successfully match the client’s needs on a consistent basis they client will give you more orders and the candidate will give you more referrals.

We add value to the hiring process by leveraging technology and networking with our strong referral base to provide our clients with the most qualified candidates currently on the market.